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Denise has had the honour of being invited to become one of Unison Colour's Associate Artists. She has been devoted to their gorgeous pastels for over 20 years.

Denise is delighted that there is now a "Denise Findlay" Set of 18 hand picked small pastels available.

(Please email for more information)


In recent years Denise has enjoyed more public exposure. She is regularly invited to display her skills publicly for demonstrations. She also has made appearances on television notably in the successful TV programme Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year in which the actress/sitter Sophie Turner selected her portrait for her own personal collection.

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Denise is also a gifted teacher. She has a wonderful manner in teaching figurative drawing and painting. Denise has developed a well respected reputation in this area and is often sought after to instruct. She has had much influence on many an aspiring artist, art student and even other professional artists. 



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