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Denise Findlay is an acclaimed, award winning Scottish artist

"Painting is a visual language and the viewer should not be left to figure out its meaning." - Denise Findlay


Denise Findlay's work displays powerful portraits with an incredible sensitivity. She sees no boundaries to the scale or the surface on which she works. Big or small her connection with the subject is palpable. Her breadth of talent is clear whether the work is an impressive two metre high canvas or a five centimetres square miniature.


Denise's work is bold and brave and unmistakable. Her huge works really draw the viewer into the subject and the beauty of oil paint - the painting will have been built up with soft layers of paint which has been allowed to stream down the canvas. Her miniature works offer a delicate sensitivity and intimacy inviting the viewer in closer to appreciate the painting.


Drawing is the foundation of all Denise's work. Her skills are displayed at best in her beautiful pencil drawings. She painstakingly builds up the drawing with tiny lines following the contours of the portrait resulting in a drawing with strength and depth.


Denise was born into a family of incredible artistic pedigree. Her Great Great grandfather was Fra Newbery, founder and director of Glasgow School of Art. Fra was influential to Charles Rennie Mackintosh in the commissioning of the G.S.A. building. He was married to Jessie (Rowat) Newbery. Jessie was credited as being the originator of the famous 'Glasgow Rose' motif through her beautiful embroidered collars, belts and dresses.


Denise has carried on the legacy. With a sell out degree show, a catalogue of solo exhibitions, significant awards and innumerable commissions she is being noted as becoming one of the most influencial figurative painters of our time. 



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